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Basic information

informations Military High School and College in Moravska Třebova prepare students for their further studies at the University of Defense and for their future career in the Czech Armed Forces.

Basic information about history, location, learning process and educational programs in our school can be found in PowerPoint-presentation, too.

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History of military education in Moravská Třebová

The town of Moravská Třebová was founded in the 13th century in the beautiful landscape of the borderland between Czechlands and Moravia. The historical present town and Moravská Třebovás’ castle are major tourist attractions. The Military Technical High Schools’ campus is situated on the outskirts of Moravská Třebová in the forested Třebovské Mezihoří area -one of the least polluted areas in the country. The schools’ campus has the acreage of 30 hectares.

vrrg.gifIn 1922 the first Czech Minority School was established in Moravská Třebová as a part of The Russian Gymnasium. It was located in the area of contemporary Military Technical High Schools’ campus. The tradition of military education in Moravská Třebová dates from 1935. In 1935 a governmental decree established a reformed state military school (SVRRG). During the first three years over 700 students attended and many of these engaged in anti-fascist activities both in Czechoslovakia and abroad.

pamatnik.gifIn 1939-45 the schools’ facilities were used as POW detention camp for British, French and Yugoslav military officers (Offlag VII/F). During WWII more than 4500 members of the above mentioned militaries were detained here. The Military Technical High School keeps in touch with some of these veterans through The British embassy, Prague. After the war the pre-war tradition resumed in a military school and later in a military gymnasium dedicated to Jan Žižka from Trocnov.

csol.gifIn 1996 in connection with a complete reorganization of the army of the Czech Republic the name was changed to The Military Technical High School (Ministry of Defense). Its mission is to broadly instruct military professionals in the spirit of the best democratic traditions of our nation. The school cooperates with many organizations, primarily with The Association of Czechoslovak Legionaries who gave their sponsorship to the school. In 1997 the legionaries felt that their cooperation with the school was important enough for them to present their flag to the school. Since October 1997 the school has been proud to bear the honorary name The School of the Association of Czechoslovak Legionaries.

sts.gifIn 2006 the school was recorded into the national school registry system and a new college – type study program was introduced. The name of school was changed to Military High School and College of Ministry of Defense Moravská Třebová.

vssmo.gifOn October 7, 2014 the director of the Military History Institute approved alteration of the emblem of the Military High School and College of MOD. The altered school emblem is based on the emblem of the State Military Reform grammar school, introduced in 1935. The emblem comprises of a label with dominant linden leaves and a Gothic sword laid over the red and white field. Linden leaves ornaments are separated by the blue color, so that the overall color cast of the emblem makes the tricolor. The main alteration of the emblem involves omission of the acronym referring to the previous name of the school.

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Educational programseducation


  • Four year full-time study
  • Designed for boys and girls who completed 9th grade of primary schools
  • LYCEUM - type of study with expanded instruction of technical subjects
  • Study is completed with school leaving examination
  • Admission requirements – good physical health, to pass the school entry examination


  • Four year full-time study
  • Designed for boys and girls who completed 9th grade of primary schools
  • LYCEUM - type of study with expanded instruction of technical subjects
  • Study is completed with school leaving examination
  • Admission requirements – good physical health, to pass the school entry examination


  • Three year part-time study (adults)
  • Designed for military professionals and civilian employees of the Czech army who need to complete their high school education. The Study is completed with school leaving examination.


  • Five semester part-time study
  • Designed for military professionals and civilian employees of the Czech army who need to extend their high school education.

NATO/STANAG 6001 SLP 2 language courses (English)

  • At present these courses are not being organized.

ECDL courses

  • Designed for military professionals and civilian employees of the Czech army to get the European Computer Driving Licence.

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Photo galleryPhoto gallery

School campus

The campus offers free of two gymnasiums, a modern fitness center, shooting ranges, a sauna, a football pitch and a running track, computer labs, a cinema and library/resource center.
The school offers a wide range of hobby groups and various cultural and athletic outings are often held within the school facilities. The school runs its own cultural centre - ballroom Na Písku.

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Education and learning

The school enables its students to receive complete secondary education finished with the state school leaving examination called MATURITA. Study, educational aids and materials are free of charge.

Main goals and aims of the school:

  • To instruct students to become military professionals in AČR
  • To provide complete high school education
  • To prepare students for further studies at military academies and for service in active units of AČR
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Accommodation facilities

The military high school is a boarding type of an educational institution. Students are accommodated in modern fully furnished en-suite three or four-bed rooms.

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Students are provided full board daily catering. Daily meals are served in the mess hall which is run by external company VOLAREZA.

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The club was founded in 20 11. It fulfills the Czech army needs for self defense and close combat. All students are free to join this club and develop their MUSADO skills.

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School museum

The school museum which is located at the school cmapus has been renovated recently. The museum offers four different exhibits which are divided according to their respected time periods:

  • Czechoslovak legionnaires and the time period after the German Invasion in 1939
  • The period at the beginning of WWII till 1947
  • The time after WWII until 1990
  • The Czech Army and its foreign missions after 1990 up to the present
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NewsPhoto gallery

newsVybrané důležité aktuality ze života školy

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For further information please contact us at the following address:

  • Vojenska stredni skola a VOS MO
    Jevicska 937/7
    57101 Moravska Trebova
    Czech Republic
  • phone: +420 973 274 200
  • fax: +420 973 274 471
  • e-mail: info@vsmt.cz
  • GPS: 49°45'10.786"N, 16°40'25.380"E